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xHamster free sex stories! Any seasoned pornoholic out there has heard of xHamster. Even the occasional, once every few days fapper has likely stumbled upon the popular adult tube and dating site at one point or another. As far as porn tubes go, xHamster is right up there with Porn Hub, Red Tube, Spank Wire, and Xtube—one of those sites that you are bound to end up finding useful at one point or another thanks to its unthinkably enormous archive of both professional and homemade porn. Plus, the dating component is pretty sweet too; I know plenty of people who use xHamster just to try and meet people with similar kinks as them.

One of the things that sets xHamster apart and makes it one of the most unique porn sites on the web today is its emphasis on community. Whether it is through the ease with which you can upload your own photos and videos, the fact that you can conveniently communicate with likeminded people from all over the world (and trade pics and vids privately if you so wish), or the in-depth user profiles that you can build and maintain (completely customizing your porn viewing experience), xHamster, first and foremost, seems to want to cultivate an active and engaged sense of community among users.

There’s another element of the site, though, that even furthers xHamster’s community engagement that often goes overlooked, and that is their Stories section. It can be easy to ignore a section of erotic lit on a website that is so jam-packed with tons of great porn to choose from (how distracting!), as well as an enormous community of people looking to chat and (potentially) meet up and fuck. Who would want to read about sex when you can watch it, or maybe even score yourself if you’re savvy enough, right?

Wrong. At least according to how many xHamster users do seem to utilize this section of the website anyway. With a grand total of 4,511 pages (yes, that’s right, pages) of erotic stories and counting, even though this section of the site might seem, at first glance, slightly less appealing to those of us who prefer audio-visual stimulation over that of the written word, xHamster has a fuck ton of content for all the horny bookworms out there as well.

Stories Section On Par with Rest of Site

The stories section of xHamster looks just as good as the rest of the site too. With a clean design and easy to navigate browsing capabilities, it takes little to no effort at all to find just what you are looking for. Stories appear in a list of entries, with the title on top, relevant tags to the right of it, a preview (a “Read More” button if it piques your interest), a clickable username (author of the story), a rating, and how many total views the story has had.

To the left of the story list, you will find a few options to help narrow down your search. First of all, choose whether you want to browse the stories by Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Commented, a list of Top Authors, or your own list of faves. You can also filter stories by category (anal, BDSM, interracial sex, taboo, and voyeur just to name a few).

Another really cool feature of the site is that you can automatically translate stories with the click of a button. Just click on a drop-down menu at the top of the list where it says, “Show stories in…” and, poof, just like that every single one of the stories available on xHamster will now appear in whatever language you are most proficient in. Hey, maybe this could be a fun and sexy way to learn a new language. Read the story in English in one tab and click over to another to see it in French. If you ask me, there’s no motivator in the world quite like sex.

Realistic Erotic Stories

Many of the stories on xHamster seem to lean more toward nonfiction than anything else. This is one thing that, aside from great site design, definitely sets xHamster apart from other sites that offer erotic stories. There are hundreds of sites that cater to erotic lit, many of which are full of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, mystery or fanfic stories. The writers on xHamster stories, on the other hand, probably since the site is so heavily based on user-uploads and social interaction, seem to be more concerned with true stories. Some even include actual pictures of the narrator and other characters.

The number one rated story of the week when I visited was, in fact, this kind of story—true and with pictures to really help you visualize the action. The story is called “Natasha’s First Pussy,” and features an image of the narrator (Natasha) with her counterpart in the story, her best friend, Suzy, at what looks like a fancy dinner party.

After we get all of the necessary backstory (Suzy was Natasha’s best friend growing up, they are having a sleepover, etc.), the piece climaxes with the two young girls finally exploring each other’s bodies in a fit of lushly described lust and passion: “My fingers slipped between the folds of her labia easily in her natural dampness. As I started to finger her clitoris, she started to squirm. I wanted to taste her, I wanted her to experience the feeling of my tongue on her clitoris for the first time…” Now if that isn’t some good old-fashioned erotica, I don’t know what is. You might not be the type to jerk off to a story (most men aren’t), but if that didn’t at least get you a little excited down there, well, I hate to break it to you, but you might be gay.

The tags on “Natasha’s First Pussy” are “First Time,” “Lesbian Sex,” and “Taboo,” all three of which are clickable, bringing you to a list of similar stories that fall into whichever category you choose. This story had a 99% rating and only one comment (in this instance, supportive praise). At the end of the story, xHamster (just like they do with videos) recommends related stories. They also recommend, and this is actually really fucking cool and unlike any other stories site I’ve seen, related videos and related photo galleries.

A Great Addition to an Already Awesome Site

It might be worth playing one of the related videos while you read the story. Or maybe you could look and see if the author’s profile features any pics or videos that you could pair the story with. That’s what’s so great about xHamster, you can try out all of these totally unique ways of looking at porn that wouldn’t be possible on any other site.

Overall, I’m really liking xHamster’s stories section. I love how the site has essentially the same exact easy to use, clean layout as the rest of xHamster (just with text instead of thumbnails) and how interactive it is with the voting system, rankings, commenting feature, and sometimes images, as well as how compatible and integrated it is with the rest of the site (easily click into the author’s profile, related videos, and galleries, etc.).

The only way that I could see xHamster improving upon the Stories section of their site would be to introduce contests or to invent some sort of incentivizing mechanism. Not that authors necessarily need to be incentivized (as I said before, there are a shit-ton of stories on here), but a little friendly competition among writers is always fun. Plus, it never hurts to inject a little bit of enthusiasm into an online community to generate even greater involvement. A lot of erotic lit sites that I’ve seen do offer contests or opportunities for publication; so, that might be something for xHamster to consider in the future.

That being said, even if they never did take that advice, I would still be impressed with the Stories section of the site—it has some decent writing, an enthused community of writers and readers, awesome site features and design, no ads, a solid rating system, innovative integration into the rest of the site, and a fuck ton of content for free. I can’t say that I have any complaints.

I strongly encourage you to check out xHamster’s most underrated feature soon. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I also encourage you to try your hand at writing some erotic lit and posting it. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent. Of course, you’ll probably have to use your fapping hand to write with … think you can pause for long enough to write a whole short story? We’ll see, I suppose. That is your challenge for the week: stop jacking off for just enough time to write a story. Eh, who am I kidding? You perverts won’t be able to do it.

xHamster Stories and Camarads Xhamster is a section of one of the biggest and most popular porn tube sites on the internet. It’s filled with porn stories that are all written by independent authors and uploaded to the site. It’s all totally free to use and there are no restrictions on the number of stories that you can read in a single day. You’ll have to create a free account if you want to rate, comment, or upload, but that’s it. You can spend your time reading as an anonymous user. If you already have an xHamster account, you can simply use that.
The Taboo category on xHamster Stories should be your very first stop here. This is where you can find both real and made up stories about the kind of sex that no one wants to talk about out in public. You can find anything you want, like taboo family sex, cuckolding, and even breeding. There are men who write stories about why they’ve allowed themselves to become cucks or teens who have sex with their aunts. It doesn’t matter what kind of taboo stuff you’re into. You’re going to be able to find it and so much more here.
The xHamster Photos site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and there’s a search bar to find anything specific that you could want. It’s all organized very well and you can see the tags for the stories right on the home page. It lets you see exactly what’s in store before you start reading. They use terms like “anal”, “fetish”, and “hardcore” to make it all easier for you. You can also switch between the light and dark layouts to make reading more comfortable. It’s a great way to get all of your porn stories.

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